Guarana Extract-Antioxidants,Anti-stress-900mg (22mg Caffeine) * 60 Capsules

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Product Description


Guarana health benefits includes supporting healthy digestion, promoting mental health, reducing stress, source of energy, supporting weight loss, supporting healthy cardiovascular system and blood thinning. Other benefits includes supporting healthy skin, calming PMS symptoms, treating headaches and migraines and treating hair problems like dandruff.

It is a plant named after the Guarani tribe in the Amazon. It is a tint berry which is red. This is mostly found in Brazil and is an important component of modern medicine. It is a climbing plant which belongs to the maple family, with fruit the size of a coffee bean. The seeds are black and are covered by arils; it pretty much resembles the human eyeball once split open.

Works to stimulate the central nervous system to help you feel like you’ve had a good night’s rest
Commonly used in weight loss efforts as a way to fuel workouts to help you reach your fitness goals
Easy-to-swallow capsules


– Healthy Digestion
– Mental Health
– Stress Reduction and Improve Focus
– Source of Energy
– Promote Weight Loss
– Rich in Antioxidants
– Relieve Chronic Diarrhea and Treat Constipation
– Boost Heart Health

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