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Product Description

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*** This Product has not been evaluated and approved by the FDA So the Product Does Not Have Ability to Treat, Or Prevent Disease so it is not intend to use for curing or treatment ****

” Honey Secret Sex Capsules”

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The Strength Increased by Improving The Blend

   ( 12* 600 mgr CAPSULES)


( 12 * 600mgr) CAPSULES

” Honey Secret ”  is a natural male enhancement

” Honey Secret  ”  delivers unique benefits to the manufacturers of dietary supplements/health foods for sex enhancement

– Enhance Sex Intimacy

– Improve Sexual Performance

– Boost Energy Level

 Main Components:

– Korean Red Ginseng Root   —- 50mg
– Saw Palmetto  ———————- 30mg
– Hawthorne  ————————– 70mg
– Ginko Bilobe Leaf —————— 30mg
– Catuaba 4:1 extract  ————–  30mg
– Tribulus Terrestris    ————-  70mg
– Catuaba 4:1 Extract ————- 130mg
– Muira Puama 4:1 extract ——- 100mg
– Cuscuta 4:1 extract  ————-   50mg
– Epimedium 4:1 extract ———    30mg
– Bioperine ————————–    10mg


  • All natural, Effective, and Safe
  • Only Use it before sex on a-need-basis;
  • Enhance the performance
  • Improve sexual desire
  • Men’s Energy Enhancer pills


Take 1 capsule (600mgr) with plenty of water before sex only if required, water is recommended to both keep tissues healthy and to eliminate toxins already present in the body.


Don’t take 2 Capsules at a time or take capsules within 24 hours. When used as directed, there should be no side effects. However, Consult your doctor/physician before taking this product if you are currently taking any medications (prescription or nonprescription drugs) or are being treated for a medical condition.


Item Specifications:

*** This product is classed as a body supplement which means the result based on the body tissue of each individual could vary SO based on your body tissue this product may not Good for you and does not work ***

*** having any Health Issues or Allergy, you should consult with your GP for advice prior to using ***

**** This Product Does Not Have the Ability to Treat, Or Prevent Disease so it is not intended to use for curing or treatment ****

*** This product is intended for male adults only ***

Expiry Date: Oct / 2024


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    Can you supply these and tigerman on ebay and deliver via click and collect

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