2Boxs Of DurableMan Sex CAP/PILLS/TAB For Men-Harder,Bigger & Very Long lasting

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Product Description

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Pro-Long , Long Lasting , STRONGER



*** Very High Success Rate ***

  ( 20 Pills)

 Premature ejaculation is a very common problem, affecting tens of millions of men, 1 out of 3 Men are suffering from premature ejaculation and disturbing a Good Quality Sex 

” Durable Man ”  is Mainly Made to Help the Men who are looking to Enjoy Very Long Sex Course , Rock Hard Erection , & High Stamina 

”Durable Man” Helps a Lot to Bring Back the Confidence  to the Men who Suffer from Premature Ejaculation and it creates a Huge Embarrassment for them in Bed 


What a Man Wants From Sex Enhancer Pills?

–       Rock Hard Erection

–       Long Lasting Sex

–       High Stamina

”DurableMan” Satisfies All 3 Demands!!


” Durable Man ” is Definitely Real Product , Exactly  What You Need  for a Unique Sex Performance 

*** Try It & 100% Will Fall in Love with it ***

 To the manufacturers of dietary supplements

  • Expedite the commercialization of products because of the formula is proprietary 
  • Reduce the cost of research & development because the formula is proprietary, and clinically tested.
  • Can get technical assistance from us
” Durable Man ” is blended food supplement with Following Ingredients with function to enhance the body tissue to Pro-Long the Sex Course and it prevent Premature Ejaculation so it help to enjoy a Long Sex, Rock Hard Erection, Increase High Stamina


  • Panax Ginseng…………….30mg
  • Wild Yam……………………..15mg
  • Maca…………………………..10mg
  • Ginkgo…………………………13mg
  • Epimedium…………………….7mg
  • Mondia Whitei……………….25mg

Added Vitamin E 400iu – 35mg


  • All natural, Effective and Safe; Fast Acting,
  • Could just take 60 minute before sex;
  • Only Use it before sex on a-need-basis;
  • Attain harder, stronger and more frequent erections,
  • Increase sexual desire ,
  • Decrease premature ejaculation;
  • Improvement of kidney’s function and prostate health,
  • Anti-fatigue,
  • Enhancement of Immune system
  • Libido Enhancer Pills for Men



Take 1 Pill (100mgr) with plenty of water 60 minute before sex only if required, water is recommended to both keep tissues healthy and to eliminate toxins already present in the body.



Don’t take 2 Tabs at a time or take within 24 hours. When used as directed, there should be no side effects. However, you need to exercise caution if you have high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney problems, anxiety and panic attacks; It should not be taken with any stimulant and/or any other medications for potency enhancement;

Consult your doctor/physician before taking this product if you are currently taking any medications (prescription or non-prescription drugs) or are being treated for a medical condition.


*** This Product is classed as body supplement, Means the result based on Body Tissue of each Individual could be Vary ***

** This Product Does Not have ability to threat or prevent disease so it is not intend to use for curing or treatment **

This Product is only recommended for Adult Male

Ex. Date: Feb / 2024

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