30FemLibidor Female Sex Capsules-Boosts Stamina Libido,Multi Orgasm,Anti-Dryness

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Product Description

*** Get Result in 30 days, No Result Full Refund ***
30 * 600mg Capsules

Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) is when a woman is unable to get sexually aroused to give or receive sexual enjoyment. The lack of desire however may be caused by some factors like low libido, discomfort during sex, inability to achieve orgasm or due to the reduced stream of blood to the vagina. This is common among women who are in their 30’s and above. Female Sexual Dysfunction or FSD when neglected causes depression, negativity in one’s relationships and a low quality sex life.

The fact is that more than 4 out of 10 women experience difficulty during sex and fall under the category Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD).
Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) is the decline or loss of sexual desire, arousal, and orgasms which leads to many troubles during sex. It can occur at any stage of your life and if you are experiencing any one symptom among the below you are suffering from FSD.

– Lack of sexual desire
– Lack of orgasm
– Painful intercourse

Compared to any other female sexual enhancer which has harmful side-effects, FemLibidor solution is perfectly safe and can be purchased easily because it does not require any medical prescription.

FemLibidor, the female sexual enhancement pills, is formulated for women who wish to enhance their sexual pleasure, libido, lubrication and overall sexual satisfaction and performance naturally.

The herbal FemVigor pill helps women to achieve sexual pleasure without any side effects. The pills are completely natural and allow women to play their role successfully making their sex life happy.

How FemLibidor works?

Made with a fine combination of herbs, FemLibidor – Female sex booster, increases the flow of blood to the sex organs. The blood dilation of the vessels around the clitoris results in enhanced sexual pleasure. It helps in hormonal levels and corrects functional impotence and lack of sexual satisfaction. FemLibido heightens the sexual arousal and stimulates natural lubrication.
– Increases female sexual desire due to presence of traditional aphrodisiac herbs .
– Provides estrogen effect, which leads to increase in sexual desire, genital lubrication, blood circulation, clitoral sensitivity and ability to achieve orgasm.
– Improves brain function by acting on cholinergic, adrenergic and serotonin systems. Nourishes and regenerates the nerve cells also helps to relieve anxiety & depression.  It helps to improve self esteem and sexual response in females.
– Acts as an antioxidant, rejuvenate and as an immunomodulator thus helps body to fight against physical diseases.


Take 2 capsules in a day, one in the morning and one prior to bed time with a glass of water or a glass of milk. A regular course will achieve effective results.

** no more than 2 a day **
Side effects:

FemLibido is formulated with the most potent herbs that are very effective and without any side effects. It is recommended by the most renowned and experienced doctors for the treatment of low libido and to eliminate vaginal dryness.FemLibidor – Formulated on the basis of traditional herbs extract formulated over 9 herbs for erectile dysfunction of male enhancerIngredients:

– Dong Quai Root            100 mg
– Tribulus Terrestris         150 mg
– Panax Ginseng             100 mg
– Noni                                50 mg
– Lepidium Meyenil           75 mg
– Rehmania Glutinoca      25 mg
– Yin Yang Huo                 50 mg
– Mucuna Pruriens            25 mg
– Polypodium Root            25 mg



this product is classed as body supplement which means the result based on body tissue of individual could be

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