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Product Description

Product information about Zen Pills

Zen Pills – relaxing pills for stress and anxiety. The tablets Zen Pills have a natural relaxation effect and also help to raise the state of mind. Taking the tablets is recommended during periods of depression, increased stress or anxiety. Zen Pills is a completely natural product. Its composition ensures that treatment successes are immediately noticeable and thus anxiety is reduced. * Content: 30 tablets

Zen Pills if you want to quit smoking, as a dietary support or if you are suffering from test anxiety.

Effect and assessment of Zen Pills

Zen Pills serve: 

  • Relax in a natural way
  • To raise the state of mind
  • To promote more restful sleep

The main ingredients

Zen Pills is made up of natural ingredients that, thanks to their specific combination, contribute to immediate relaxation. The effect is already noticeable shortly after taking. Therefore, it is recommended to take the tablets when stress and anxiety are particularly pronounced, such as when you want to stop smoking, diet or test anxiety.

Zen Pills is your best ally when it comes to avoiding stress.

L-TRYPTOPHAN It is an important amino acid that raises serotonin levels and increases well-being and self-confidence. In addition, it promotes muscle relaxation and thus contributes to a more restful sleep.

MAGNESIUMSTEARAT Natural nutrient that is stress-inhibiting.

HOP medicinal plant, which is part of the exclusive active ingredient combination of Zen Pills and similar to valerian acts.

PASSIFLORA It is a plant that promotes circulation through its relaxing and vasodilator effect.

L-THEANINE Amino acid that is absorbed directly into the blood in the intestine and increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin.

VITAMIN B6Water-soluble vitamin that works against depression and relieves pain and anxiety.

VITAMIN B1 This molecule reduces fatigue and depression feelings and counteracts mood swings.

The effect of Zen Pills! 

Thanks to its completely natural composition, Zen Pills are quickly and easily absorbed by the body, which is why the treatment success becomes noticeable immediately after taking the tablets.

Your intake leads to positive effects:

control of acute stress! 
Zen Pills tablets help with prolonged stress and anxiety as well as increased stress periods such as dieting, trying to quit smoking, exams, or work stress.

Immediate effect! 
If you take the Zen Pills tablets as prescribed, you will almost immediately feel their relaxing effect, which contributes to an uplifting of the mental state.

Natural effect! 
The tablets are completely natural and are therefore easily absorbed by the body thanks to the body’s own processes.

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