YUANTAO®Hair Fixer, Hair Style Fixer 8Gr-Hair Care Styling-Setting Hair Fly-Away

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Product Description

YUANTAO® Hair Fixer, Hair Style Up Fixer 8g- Hair Care Styling-Setting Hair Fly-away


  • Hair style fixing to arrange the unruly fine hairs to be tidy
  • Comb the hair rising in dishevelled and shaggy gently to increasing the fixing force for hair style
  • ALL-KILL with the Fly-away fixer!
  • No messy hands
  • Easy to use
  • No oily & clumpy hair
  • Convenient to carry around for use anywhere, anytime
  • Fixes fly-away immediately after applying
  • Can use on wanted areas only
  • Fixes all kinds of hair
  • Recommended For
    • People concerned with messy fly-away
    • People who are tired of using wax to set their hair every morning
    • People who dislike oily hair
    • Before important meeting, interview

Product Features: 

– Hair Fixer that perfectly tidy up fine hairs one second.
– Gives clean finish without bunching or stickiness.
– Clear liquid type that gives natural application.
– Lasts a long time with exceptional durability, no bunching.

How to Use

  1. Wash hair & Style your hair using hair dryer or setter
  2. Comb the fine hairs standing in spikes thorough inner side to outer side to settle them down and arrange the hair to be natural
  3. Press gently to set the style

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