U-Glisten Device For Removing Eye Bags&Wrinkles without Surgery-Cream & Device

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Product Description

U-Glisten Device For Removing Eye Bags&Wrinkles without Surgery-Cream & Device

Last generation device for daily eye area contour care

U-glisten is an innovative portable device for daily eye contour care that helps prevent and reduce eye bags and the appearance of wrinklesand fine lines thanks to its micro-vibration and heat systems. It is, therefore an eye contour treatment that helps respond to how to remove eye bags without surgery.

U-glisten is suitable for:

  • Reduce eye bags
  • Prevent the appearance of wrinkles and lines of expression
  • Improve the elasticity and circulation of the skin
  • Improve tone in the musculature
  • Increase the performance of the moisturizer

The U-glisten device includes:

Device, Cleaning wipe, USB Cable

How do U-glisten micro-vibration and heat systems work?

Micro-vibration and heat systems and ergonomic design

The effectiveness of U-glisten as your daily eye contour care is due to the mechanisms of micro-vibration and heat, and to its modern and user-friendly design specially designed for the eye contour area.

It has two modes of operation that exert the function of massage on the skin, activating its circulation and avoiding the fatigue of the same; And the lifting function, with lifting effect, combating the signs produced by age. In addition, it produces a flash and refreshing effect and gives the skin a firmer and more elastic look.

With two minutes per eye a day you will be able to take care and improve the area of the eye contour

Usage: handheld device

Format: advanced technology device

Usage time: 2 minutes per eye

The U-glisten device for removing eye bags without surgery is very easy to use due to its ergonomic design


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