New!! XS Natural Cream-Anti-Stretch Marks&Skin Firming Cream For Woman

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Cream to remove stretch marks and firm the skin

XS Natural anti-stretch and firming cream is a very effective product that reverses stretch marks and firms the skin. Thanks to its active Dragon’s Blood, Hydrotensyl Complex and Actigym Marine it is able to eliminate stretch marks, mask them and prevent their occurrence. It also regenerates the skin and is ideal for people who lose and gain weight and have sagging skin treatment. This cream is also recommended for pregnant and the post-partum period, as it prevents the appearance of new stretch marks to enlarge and shrink the skin.

XS Natural anti-stretch marks and skin firming cream is used to:

·Eliminate and prevent the appearance of stretch marks

·Regenerate and hydrate the skin

·Recuperate the flexibility of the skin post partum and weight loss

·How XS Natural cream for anti-stretch marks and skin firming works

·XS Natural anti-stretch marks and skin firming cream is composed of a group of ingredients intended to reverse stretch marks and prevent the appearance of new ones. It also helps to mask and conceal them thanks to its natural assets: Actigym Marine (invigorates the fibers), Hydrotensyl Complex (moisturizes, nourishes and provides elasticity) and Dragon’s Blood (healing and antioxidant action). Its content in proanthocyanidins has an effect 20 times greater than vitamin C. In addition, its firming properties help to treat sagging skin and tone the fibers.

·This anti-stretch and skin firming cream is used especially by people who raise and lower weight steadily and for pregnant women, both before and after birth. Men can also use the cream to eliminate and prevent stretch marks that usually appear on the abdomen and firm the contour of the body.

·Apply XS Natural anti-stretch marks and skin firming cream 1 – 3 times a day

·Use: Externally

·Format: 200ml cream

·Duration: can vary depending on use

·Dosage: should be applied 1-3 times a day

·When it should be applied: it is recommended to apply XS Natural anti-stretch marks and skin firming cream at least once in the morning over affected areas, also apply at night.

Actigym Marine: in this case adiponectin improves mitochondrial function of the area, which generates energy, which is used to improve localized fiber tone

Hydrotensyl Complex: consists of active marine honey extract, collagen and elastin to improve flexibility, hydration and skin restoration.

Dragon’s Blood: the alkaloid content in Taspine and proanthocyanidin Taspine hydrochloride stimulates the production of collagen; regenerates the skin, moisturizes and has an antioxidant effect.

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