100%Human Hair Extension 20Pcs 50G Tape In Brazilian Real Thick-SexyBeautifulMe®

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Product Description

*** Our Product is Genuine Real Human Hair, Not Cheap&Not Fake ** 

** You Can Buy the Fake One cheaper on eBay, For Sure you are Paying for Fake One and it is wasted **

 Take Me, Try Me & Love Me

100% Genuine Human Hair100%Top Quality100% Satisfaction


Tape In extensions are reusable, seamless hair extensions. It requires no adhesives on the scalp, no weaving, braiding, clips, bonding, chemicals, or messy removal. Easy to apply with no tools needed. Anybody who desires a long, luscious mane but does not want to go through the daily hassle of clipping in extensions would love Tape in hair extensions instead. The great thing about the tape in extensions is that they are made out of 100% human hair and work for both thick and thin hair. Each extension has double sided tape which stays discreet and therefore these extensions blend easily with natural hair. You can add as many layers as you like to add more body to your hair.

It can easily be Combed, Straightened, Curled and Dyed,

 ( Only light color can be dyed into dark color.) 

Ensure our human hair tangle free easy detangling

Hair Length Guide:

How To Use:

How to Curl:

How to Wash: 

1. please wash it by special  shampoo ,which is the mild one and clean water as well.

2. please use the shampoo recommended by the local professional hairdresser.

3. improper wash probably make the hair dry ,tangle and easy to fall down, how you care for your extensions  will  be the ultimate determine factor.

How to Dyeing:


1. Only light color can be dyed into dark  color.

2. Try and dye one piece hair to make sure,  not dyeing the whole hair extensions at first.

3. before dyeing the hair. Prepare  temperature 30-40 degree water, wash  with detergent
two or three times, then clean it with clean water

comb gently,wash the conditioner out with cold water.This will  make the hair shiny.

* It is not recommended to dye the hair  of color 613,it’s produced by bleaching instead of

4. Use warm water to rinse the hair dye  ;out of the extensions, then apply conditioner to it,

dyeing in the process of manufacture.  The hair is easy to break when dyeing again.

Real&Fake Hair Extension:

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